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Topiary Designs

Magnificent living sculptures, our charming Topiary Trees are derived from the skillful shaping of foliage and branches to create geometric or fanciful, architecturally interesting & unique shapes. These chic & elegant live plants are home & garden focal points to attract instant attention!

One common popular topiary form is a perfect sphere growing atop a single bare tall stem, resembling a lollipop. Properly known as “standards”, these container-grown trees will add height to the garden area and are often used in pairs to attain a formal look when framing doorways, porches, & gates, or to soften a patio corner, or to simply highlight an particular outdoor area. Find attention-grabbing Flowering Shrubs like Azalea, Buddleia, & Hydrangea and stylish Evergreen Shrubs of Boxwood & Eugenia.

Appealingly delightful, experts also hand craft Lavender, Daisy, Bay & other oddities into sophisticated eye-catching accents. Uncommon living décor for your home & garden! When planted in a large pot and placed near your front entrance or on your patio, these stunningly cute designs contribute the OMG WOW! Factor, bringing your landscape to life.

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Flowers are fragrant, fruits & vegetables are delicious, yet flavorful herbs will change everyday cooking from basic fare to gourmet enjoyment. Oh, the delectable pleasures! Bring on the healthy benefits! And, truly discover the potent power of herbs!

Worldwide, savory herbs have been treasured for millennia, packing powerful antioxidants into their leaves and flowers. The aromatic and flavorful compounds found in herbs are an indispensable part of cultural cuisine. Many familiar drinks and foods are seasoned with distinct, aromatic herbal ingredients.

Our culinary chefs are sharing their passions and have created signature live herb combinations for your own Garden-to-Table movement. Grow a kitchen garden and be as “local” as one can get. Take this whole “backyard garden thing” to the next level!

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Butterfly & Bee Friendly Pollinator Gardens

Pollinator gardens are all the “buzz” lately … no pun intended! Butterflies, hummingbirds, bees, moths, bats and more are losing their food sources to development. Backyard pollinator gardens are a terrific way to stylize your landscape and attract these beautiful creatures to your gardens. They need your help to revive the native habitats and to maintain the health of these and other beneficial pollinators.

Our professionally designed Pollinator Collections make it super easy to create your own style of a natural pollinator garden, simply mix & match to combine native flowering plants and delectable herbs to provide colorful long lasting landscape appeal.

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We are proud members of the USA agricultural community! In our wonderful country, the horticultural industry is continually evolving and producing. Trees, plants and flowers have been shown to improve mental & physical health. We have over 50 years of experience, yet nature teaches us something new & different every single day. The natural world is amazingly beautiful, and we encourage all persons to occasionally slow down, stop, and “smell those roses”. Gratefully, we get to do this every single day and are very honored to live our lives in America as part of the wonderful “growing” industry.

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